Jens Petter Nebo from Norway ran away with the victory in Unibet’s Fantasy Premier League game and was able to enjoy the first prize of 100,000 kroner. 

The road there was not completely smooth, but a couple of smart choices and a well-thought-out strategy solved the victory ashore. Read about how he thought when he worked his way through this season’s Premier League here. 



Jens Petter quickly points to the last round of the series as his highlight this FPL season. Then he sat on the bench in front of the screen and watched intensely the live position in the Unibet league while the matches went on in the background at the same time. Although he was in first place in the league, he decided to make a semi-bold choice.

  • I chose to «cap» Kevin De Bruyne when most people would give Son the captain’s armband. At the break, I had moved down the list, but after a lot of flow towards the end, both Salah got goals in addition to Matip, James and KDB getting an assist each.  

He describes this moment in the final round as a roller coaster of emotions, which ended with the best possible result. Jens Petter also finished as number 23 in the world in GW28.

But it did not go smoothly. He believes that one of his worst choices was to take in Bruno Fernandes in GW33 and «cap» the Portuguese player in front of Salah. Bruno ended up with a staggering 4 points over the four matches they had in GW33 and GW34, while Salah who had two simple GW ended up with 25 points together. Luckily he also had some aces up his sleeve that secured the gold place!

– My favorite player in FPL is undoubtedly Son, but the first on the block is Reece James. As long as he is injury free, I think he is the world’s best back. But maybe I’m a little incompetent there, he says with a smile.

– I think my best purchase this season must have been Kevin De Bruyne for Bruno, while my worst purchase was Adama Traore, he states.

Jens Petter thinks his best choice came in Gameweek 36. Then he «capped» Kevin De Bruyne while most people generally «capped» Salah. That made him jump up the list.  

  • Before that gameweek, I had missed the captaincy selection 3 rounds in a row and had bright red arrows. Even had the captain’s armband on James in his double round in GW34. Ended up with only 4 points. So getting in KDB and capping he was essential. In addition to starting the season with Antonio and Benrahma, got a kickstart there, says Jens Petter. 

His main tip for others who play fantasy is to simply have ice in your stomach and avoid early changes.  

  • Focus more on making the right changes instead of hanging on to price adjustments. You also have to look a little at what pays off from season to season. This season, it has given a good return to put little money in attack, but rather put more money in defense and midfield, he advises. 

Jens Petter believes the trick this season is to focus on offensive backs such as Trent, Cancelo or James. He suspects that this may soon change for the next season, both because the price of these players will increase and perhaps significant players change position. Like for example. if Salah is moved up as an attacking player.  

  • In short, play with ice in your stomach, stay up to date on players with flow and adapt to the time of the game. In addition, we have what I think was most important to me this season, to listen to advice from others, even though I have not always followed the advice, he concludes with a smile.